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Providing Quality Design, Inspection, and Environmental Services to Commercial and Residential Clients

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Pounders Engineering is dedicated to helping clients with their design, inspection, and environmental needs. We are experienced, skilled, and committed to providing you with outstanding customer service. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed to get amazing end results. If you’d like to learn more, then consider getting in contact today. 

Location: Mesa, AZ 

Phone Number: (480) 323-5314 

Email: davidp@poundersengineering.com 


  • Monday: 6:00AM—7:00PM 
  • Tuesday: 6:00AM—7:00PM 
  • Wednesday: 6:00AM—7:00PM 
  • Thursday: 6:00AM—7:00PM 
  • Friday: 6:00AM—7:00PM 
  • Saturday: 6:00AM—7:00PM 
  • Sunday: Closed 

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